The Royal Wedding, part deux.

I was one of those crazies who stayed up to watch the wedding.
No, I didn’t sleep and then wake up, I was up until 4:30am.
But it was so worth it! I loved the entire thing!
Kate looked absolutely AMAZING in her dress. 
I’m so happy that I stayed up to watch the wedding. 
It really is a fairy tale.
I was so excited that when I went to World Market with my friend, I bought these:

These are two snacks that I remember fondly from when I lived in England. :]

The Royal Wedding!

Are you getting excited? 
Because I certainly am!
Are you going to be watching? 
I’ll be stayin up until 3am Pacific Time.
My friend is having a taco night/ royal wedding watching party (seems a little weird, huh?)
And my sorority family is also having a family fun night!
Good thing my 9am class got cancelled!
Anywho, I’m off to eat some Shepherd’s Pie!

The Weekend of Not so Fabulous Movies, but GREAT Theater!

So this weekend, my Mommy came up to visit me at school, which I loved!! I’m a little bit attatched to my mom, so it was awesome seeing her. I miss her a lot when I’m up here at school.
On Friday night, we went to see Arthur, the new movie with Russell Brand in it.

The trailer made the movie look like it was going to be much funnier than it actually was. I was really looking forward to it! I had even told my Mom that I wanted to see it when I was home for break! I’m a sucker for childish comedies, and this one appeared to fit the bill, but it seriously disappointed….
On Saturday, however, we went and saw WICKED!
It was AMAZINGGGG!! I loved every second of it. I love musical theater, in High School I did the plays, and loved them. This was no exception! If you haven’t seen it, you definitely should, because it is really great, and I would recommend it to everyone! (But make sure you’ve seen the Wizard of Oz first)
This is the beginning of Midterm week, which means that it is PRIMO procrastination time for me. And ever since I saw the print ad for it, I knew I had to see this movie:
IT WAS TERRRIBLLLLLLLEEEEEE. Like REALLY BAD. I’ve never been so disappointed by a Lifetime Movie, and no one has very high expectations of those. EVERYONE hated this movie, especially the Brits. Anyway. It was terrible, but it got me very excited for the Royal Wedding on Thursday. So I’m definitely going to be staying up for that! 

What I’m Loving Wednesday

I’m linking up with Jaime for What I’m Loving Wednesday!

I’m loving the lovely Spring weather Eugene is FINALLY having!

I’m loving that my mommy is coming to visit this weekend and we’re going to see Wicked!
I’m loving that I get to sleep in tomorrow!
I’m loving all the love that my sisters have been showing me!
And I’m loving my new snacks! 

I got these sweet potato chips today and this AMAZING sweet tea (I love the stuff, sometimes I think I was meant to be Southern) at Safeway!

Two Letters…

Who knew that two letters, specifically two greek letters could mean so much to me.

Kappa Delta has been pretty much the best decision of my entire life. I love my sisters, and I love the opportunites that it has given me. I can honestly say that I have no idea where I would be without my house.
My story with sororitys starts with my mom singing me her sorority’s songs to me as a kid, and hearing about all of the fun she had when she was in college. Unfortunately, UO didn’t have her chapter on our campus (but they are re-installing their chapter here next year!) when I went through recruitment. But in a way I’m glad, because I would be comparing my experience to hers, and that’s no good.
When bid day finally came along, I was thrilled! I couldn’t have been happier. I am so happy that I ended up in Kappa Delta, I can honestly say that I don’t see myself being happy in any other house.
I am so happy that this opportunity has lead me to even bigger opportunities, whether they be leadership, social or community service, because I would not be as involved on campus as I am without the help of my sisters.
Anyways, I love my sisters to pieces and I am so happy that each and every one of them are in my life.

Wooot! First Post!

To be honest, I haven’t really figured out what I want this blog to be about, so I’m going to kinda make it up as I go along. But, hopefully it will be a good read?

I hope you enjoy reading!