Two Letters…

Who knew that two letters, specifically two greek letters could mean so much to me.

Kappa Delta has been pretty much the best decision of my entire life. I love my sisters, and I love the opportunites that it has given me. I can honestly say that I have no idea where I would be without my house.
My story with sororitys starts with my mom singing me her sorority’s songs to me as a kid, and hearing about all of the fun she had when she was in college. Unfortunately, UO didn’t have her chapter on our campus (but they are re-installing their chapter here next year!) when I went through recruitment. But in a way I’m glad, because I would be comparing my experience to hers, and that’s no good.
When bid day finally came along, I was thrilled! I couldn’t have been happier. I am so happy that I ended up in Kappa Delta, I can honestly say that I don’t see myself being happy in any other house.
I am so happy that this opportunity has lead me to even bigger opportunities, whether they be leadership, social or community service, because I would not be as involved on campus as I am without the help of my sisters.
Anyways, I love my sisters to pieces and I am so happy that each and every one of them are in my life.


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