Sperry’s Giveaway!

I recently fell in LOVE with Sperry’s.
I really wanted them for Christmas, but Santa didn’t bring them.
So I bought some for myself about a month ago, and I’m obsessed!
I wear them every day!

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore is hosting a giveaway for Sperry’s!

How cute are these???

Obsessed? I think yes.

It’s no secret that I’m kind of completely obsessed with Kate Middleton.

I think that she has all the class that every woman should possess. 
And I hope to have that kind of class some day.
And let’s be real, her life is pretty much a fairy tale.
So, being the obsessed crazy person that I am,
I bought the nail polish Kate wore during her wedding,
Well, one of them, since apparently they mixed two kinds together.
I really like it, even though I keep messing up my right hand, and I’m probably going to have to start all over again, with the like 3 layers I had to put on.

Sunny Sunday

Today is FINALLY sunny!
If anyone has ever been to the Pacific Northwest, the one thing they know is,
it rains here,
But today is finally sunny! 
We had brunch for my sorority sister K at another sister’s house, and it was wonderful!
The weather was perfect!
But now, I have to study, which is too bad. 
I have a midterm, and a chapter test in French tomorrow. 
also, all of this royal wedding shenanigans is making me want to think about getting married, and planning my wedding, which surprisingly, I never did when I was little.