my 21st birthday!
i went out to the bars at midnight, and had a GREAT time.
this is how i’m feeling:
i’m going to be laying in bed ALL DAY. 
and going to dinner tonight. 
and i’ll post more photos tomorrow, or when my friend sends them to me!

New Camera!

My parents got me a Nikon D3000 for my birthday! (Which is Tuesday)
I’m turning 21! 
And I’m going to France next year. So I wanted a nice DSLR to take with me!
I wandered around the campus of UO and took pictures to test it out!
Here’s some of my pictures!
this is my living room, and I just like how the chair is in focus, and all the stuff on the table isn’t

the library

duck tracks

hope you like these!

Summer Update.

My summer has been so low-key this year. It’s amazing.
I go to work. and then I hang out at home with my roomies.
Next week I’m going to Utah and Colorado with my family to take my sister to her freshman year at Colorado State.
And two weeks from tomorrow is my twenty first birthday! Woot!

I’ve been wanting to blog more, but I have no idea what to blog about…

Anyway, I’ll definitely blog more in the next couple weeks and give you updates from my vacation.