It’s Civil War Day.
The day the Oregon Ducks play the Oregon State Beavers.
My parents both went to Oregon State, so it’s a family rivalry as well. 
I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving! 
I’m driving back to school tomorrow and then it’s week 10!
I’ll be done with school at UO for the year in 2 weeks.

Cosmic 80s Bowling!!

I LOVE bowling. 
You have no idea. And I’m actually pretty good.
I won the first game. 
So it’s my sorority’s initiation weekend this weekend, and tonight, we went Cosmic Bowling.
And it was 80s themed!
Here’s some pictures:
scrunchie. :]

poof. it was a hit. 

my lane! christina, aleecia, jeana and me!

me and miss madison!

me and my big!

my pledge class! PC 40!

me, jade and hales! (bffs minus allison)

that’s how KDs do cosmic bowling… we end up having a dance party