Moving Home

Yesterday, I moved home from Eugene.
Like actually MOVED. 
Because I’m going to France. 
In January. 
Here’s a little tid bit of the last couple of days.
inside of my car…
i drive a toaster

free coffee!

got the biggest one i could get!
[large white mocha]

it wasn’t foggy at all…
just kidding! 
it was awful!

grants pass was a lake of fog
and my room at home now looks like this:
trying to fit all my stuff in my room!

it’s a total mess! 


I am finally done with Fall Term. 
This is my only term at University of Oregon this year.
So now I’m just hanging out in my freezing cold house until next Saturday. 
But I have a couple of cute things to blog about. 
So that’s exciting. 
Do you love Totes? 
The bags, not the abbreviaton. 
L.L. Bean. 
My first monogramed tote! 
I like it, but the straps are too short. 
which is why i got this one…

Land’s End! 
My friend had this bag last year, and I fell in love!
It’s a little bit bigger, and has pockets!! 
And for the crafty in you…
I made these for my friends for Christmas!
They are canvases painted with acrylic paint and then have ribbons hot glued to the back. 
Close ups…

I haven’t given the last one to Allison yet, but hopefully she won’t read this post. 
But Haley and Jade teared up a little when I gave them their presents. 

Interiors by Mary McDonald

So Last week I won a giveaway on the blog, November Grey.

I won the book Interiors by Mary McDonald.
Did you watch Million Dollar Decorators on Bravo.
She was on that show.

it’s autographed by her!!

Tanya, the woman behind November Grey wrote me a darling note. 
And it was wrapped so beautifully!