Friday Fancies #1

I’m joining in on {av}‘s Friday Fancies!
This week’s theme was beachy chic!
I chose items from J.Crew, because personally, I think J.Crew has some beautiful items, and they are chic, and pretty affordable.
I chose this because I really like the print and the cut of the swim suit, I really like one pieces.
I just think the print of this suit is adorable.
I really like that this dress can go from the beach to dinner with a pair of nice sandals!
I’ve read quite a few blog posts about this cooler being an AMAZING beach tote!
I just think this towel is adorable, I love the Kate Spade towels.

Summer Scarves

I’m a BIG fan of scarves no matter the weather. 
And I’m really liking some of the scarves I’ve seen this summer. 
Middle Row: AEO Lace Loop | Polka Dots | Ikat Loop
I would love to buy one of those beautiful J.Crew scarves, but I can’t shell out $150 on a scarf. 
I’m also really loving the leopard scarf trend, especially the Zara scarf. 
The next time I’m in a store and see one, I’m scooping it up! 

Keeping it thematic

I was reading this post on November Grey and I fell in love with this desktop.
And I downloaded it to my desktop…
My iPad…

and my iPhone.
You could say I’m a little obsessed… 
Go and check them out!


… according to my iPhone
pile of books from the library [all nicholas sparks and candace bushnell]
 malt made by my little sister at the diner she works at! so delicious!
my little room in my apartment that i moved into yesterday! 
had to get a replacement for my favorite sweatshirt that went missing last year 
favorite Banana Republic clutch from last summer 
there was actually traffic on I5, unheard of! 
 watching 27 dresses
drove by my high school, there’s a new building!
went to a concert for the band Raining Jane! Check them out here!

Apple-tastic Day!

So, I’ve been back in the States for 5 days. 
I’ve been sleeping, organizing and started working on Monday. 
Yesterday, I was very blessed in getting a new iPhone 4s!
[my 3gs was on it’s last leg!]
and my mom was super nice, and I also got an iPad 2! 
I’m obsessed!
Does anyone have any apps that they are loving??