Fridays Fancies #2

I’m back with {av}‘s Friday’s Fancies! 
This week’s theme was stars and stripes. 
So I’m talking about what I did from my fourth of July. 
American Apparel Bow, H&M Shirt (France), Target Shorts (Old)

American Apparel Bow

Stack: Gap Bracelet, Italian Bracelet, Target Watch
My Dad covering Tipper’s ears from the cars and Harleys

Bald Eagle in the parade
My hometown has a parade every year. And it’s always filled with really interesting things…
haha. And a guy got arrested. It’s never a dull day here in Southern Oregon.
Dinner made by my sister, Cheese and Chipotle Burger and Potato Salad. Yum!

My new best friend, Aloe, I got super sunburned even thought I put sunscreen on. 


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