Christmas List

My mom always requests that my sister and I give her our Christmas lists right after Thanksgiving, that way, she can get our gifts on time. 

One thing I noticed this year, was that I felt like I only wanted to get things I actually needed, or have been thinking about getting for a while. I felt guilty asking for random things, or if I did has for something I didn’t necessarily need, it was something fairly cheap. 
My best friend and I had a conversation about it a couple of days later, and she agreed with me. She’s out of school already and has started her career as a real estate agent in our home town. She told me that for her birthday, each of her family members had bought one new tire for her car. Since they’re so expensive. 
I though it was hilarious, but that definitely shows how we’re growing up. We feel bad making our parents buy us stuff, especially when they’re already paying for college. 
But anyway, with that, my Christmas list…
This was my one random thing. I love London, and I’m already looking for art for my apartment when I graduate in June
North Face Vest- 1 | 2 

It’s CRAZY cold in Oregon during the winter, but usually the classrooms are REALLY WARM. SO what better thing to wear, than a vest. I’ve been wanting one for the last three years, and am finally asking for one. 

Black Boots

I bought a pair of black riding boots for myself last year for Christmas. But I wore them so much in France that I wore through the heel. I just left them there, since I wore through them, and I didn’t have enough room in my suitcase. I love these Coconuts ones! And they’re on sale at DSW right now!

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