Graduation Dress

I’m graduating from college in June. 
Finding THE dress to go under those hideous gowns is a struggle. 
However, I found the right one! 
The good news is, my cousin is getting married on the 4th of July, so I got a dress that works for both!
This is the dress! 
I got it back from the seamstress today, and it’s absolutely perfect! 
I got it shortened a little and added some darting! 

I bought these shoes about two months ago, and I really like them! 
So I’m going to be wearing this for graduation!

And for the wedding! 
It’s on the fourth of July, so I’m going for a red, white and blue theme. 
I’m going to be wearing these shoes:
Mine are actually a little bit more beige than these! 

And this belt is SUPER cute! 
I wanted to just wear something to make it a little different from graduation. 
 J. Crew Dress | Target Wedges | Target Heels | Vincent Camuto Belt