If you have not read this article by Baratunde Thurston, you need to.

It’s about how the author unplugged for 25 days, and simply lived his life.

He talked about how connected he was: “My friends say I’m the most connected man in the world. And in 2012, I lived like a man running for president of the United States, planet Earth, and the Internet all at once.”

 Have you ever gone to a restaurant or a bar and noticed an entire table of people on their phones?

This is how most of our generation is, I know I am. 

And I think it’s kind of crazy, and kind of sad how connected I am. 

I’m constantly checking my phone for Twitter updates, Instagram updates and Snapchat. 

Do I need these things? Absolutely not. 

I could use my phone the way it was intended, for calling and texting, but what’s the fun in that?


The amount that I tweet or check in is nowhere near how much the author does,

but it is still important to realize how attached we really are to our devices. 

Anyway, I just think that it’s a very important thing to notice about yourself, and our generation.

I’m thinking about having a screen-free day once a week.

Spend the day with friends and family and reading!!

Senior Pictures

I don’t know about you, but Senior Pictures in high school were a HUGE deal.
And we got to do whatever we wanted
[I believe I wore a matching American Eagle set of scarf, hat and mittens]
We didn’t do that whole black velvet top thing
[although, I did that in college, for my sorority]
So, when Senior year of college was ending, I called on my sorority sister, Izzy to help me out.
Girl is talented! Check out her Facebook!
So, here are a couple of my favorites!
Had to throw up the “O”
Love this!
And of course, I had to represent the sorority!
Dress is J.Crew (similar)

The Final Countdown

Spring Term was my FAVORITE term out of any term in college. 
My senior sisters and I bonded like crazy, which was amazing. 
We celebrated my Mom’s birthday at a winery the weekend before I went back up to school
Caroline and I matched… on a regular basis
We had a date dash!

Jamie and I dressed as the end of prohibition
We cheered on our sisters at a philanthropy!
We helped at the March for Babies
 Alum Weekend came… 
 my Big came back!
PC 40 seniors and alum
We had a hometown mixer… Southern Oregon girls
Our chapter travelled to Corvallis to support our sisters at Oregon State

Mama came to visit for Mom’s weekend

I saw His Holiness the Dalai Lama…
…and Macklemore
Spring House Dance happened
And then SAW and Graduation, which you saw yesterday. 

SAW and Graduation

I’m doing this a tad out of order, but that’s ok. 
Tomorrow you’ll get to see the rest of my senior year,
but today I’m going to be talking about SAW (Senior Appreciation Week) and Graduation.
SAW is a week dedicated to the Seniors of my sorority, as a week to celebrate the last four years. 
We have a senior surprise, activities with the freshman and sophomores and then one with the juniors.
We also do wills, where we give a bunch of stuff away, and then senior ceremony where we read letters to our fellow seniors and the chapter (read: lots of tears).
Our last chapter was 4th of July themed
The pres and I were matching
All of us in our 4th of July splendor
Senior Surprise to a Country Western Restaurant!

Getting our groove on

After Senior Ceremony…
My Senior Class
Little and I and my paddle! 
 Allison, Jamie and I 
(can you tell we went shopping together?)

Caroline and I

And onto Graduation
So my major’s graduation was on Sunday, while the main ceremony was on Monday. 
So my family came on Sunday and we went to dinner and all that, while I got to spend time with my friends on Monday. Which was nice!
Officially a graduate!

My family!
Waiting in line to walk into the big ceremony
Allison, Jamie and I 

In front of the chapter house
 And with Matt, one of our Daggermen

One Month

It’s been one month since I graduated from 
the University of Oregon with a degree in General Social Sciences.
And  since I’ve been a horrible blogger, 
I’m going to be recapping the rest of senior years over the next 2 days. 
(since I graduated over 2 days, which we’ll get to tomorrow!)
So first up is Winter Term!
(UO is on the quarter system)
 The seniors had a conference to make our bucket list

I stayed for all 12 hours of dance marathon

I dressed up as Agnes from Despicable Me

Shamrock (our philanthropy) was a great success!

The Seniors

My friends and I got artistic at one of the bars

We got third in Derby Days
The Dancers
We won the house decorating portion!

I went on some fun hikes to Mt Pisgah

 Papa Cain came up for Dad’s Weekend
I went to a UO Baseball game
My Big came to visit!
I went to the PBR (a rodeo)
It was a pretty great term to say the least, despite the rain!