One Month

It’s been one month since I graduated from 
the University of Oregon with a degree in General Social Sciences.
And  since I’ve been a horrible blogger, 
I’m going to be recapping the rest of senior years over the next 2 days. 
(since I graduated over 2 days, which we’ll get to tomorrow!)
So first up is Winter Term!
(UO is on the quarter system)
 The seniors had a conference to make our bucket list

I stayed for all 12 hours of dance marathon

I dressed up as Agnes from Despicable Me

Shamrock (our philanthropy) was a great success!

The Seniors

My friends and I got artistic at one of the bars

We got third in Derby Days
The Dancers
We won the house decorating portion!

I went on some fun hikes to Mt Pisgah

 Papa Cain came up for Dad’s Weekend
I went to a UO Baseball game
My Big came to visit!
I went to the PBR (a rodeo)
It was a pretty great term to say the least, despite the rain!

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