SAW and Graduation

I’m doing this a tad out of order, but that’s ok. 
Tomorrow you’ll get to see the rest of my senior year,
but today I’m going to be talking about SAW (Senior Appreciation Week) and Graduation.
SAW is a week dedicated to the Seniors of my sorority, as a week to celebrate the last four years. 
We have a senior surprise, activities with the freshman and sophomores and then one with the juniors.
We also do wills, where we give a bunch of stuff away, and then senior ceremony where we read letters to our fellow seniors and the chapter (read: lots of tears).
Our last chapter was 4th of July themed
The pres and I were matching
All of us in our 4th of July splendor
Senior Surprise to a Country Western Restaurant!

Getting our groove on

After Senior Ceremony…
My Senior Class
Little and I and my paddle! 
 Allison, Jamie and I 
(can you tell we went shopping together?)

Caroline and I

And onto Graduation
So my major’s graduation was on Sunday, while the main ceremony was on Monday. 
So my family came on Sunday and we went to dinner and all that, while I got to spend time with my friends on Monday. Which was nice!
Officially a graduate!

My family!
Waiting in line to walk into the big ceremony
Allison, Jamie and I 

In front of the chapter house
 And with Matt, one of our Daggermen

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