If you have not read this article by Baratunde Thurston, you need to.

It’s about how the author unplugged for 25 days, and simply lived his life.

He talked about how connected he was: “My friends say I’m the most connected man in the world. And in 2012, I lived like a man running for president of the United States, planet Earth, and the Internet all at once.”

 Have you ever gone to a restaurant or a bar and noticed an entire table of people on their phones?

This is how most of our generation is, I know I am. 

And I think it’s kind of crazy, and kind of sad how connected I am. 

I’m constantly checking my phone for Twitter updates, Instagram updates and Snapchat. 

Do I need these things? Absolutely not. 

I could use my phone the way it was intended, for calling and texting, but what’s the fun in that?


The amount that I tweet or check in is nowhere near how much the author does,

but it is still important to realize how attached we really are to our devices. 

Anyway, I just think that it’s a very important thing to notice about yourself, and our generation.

I’m thinking about having a screen-free day once a week.

Spend the day with friends and family and reading!!

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