I’ve recently been getting into Podcasts.

I listen to them during my commutes to and from work.

Most of the ones I listen to are about 30 minutes long, which is the length of my commute.

The first one I started listening to is The Lively Show. I first started listening to it when one of my favorite bloggers, Liz of Sequins & Stripes was on it. It’s a podcast put on by Jess Lively, and it’s really inspiring. I listen to it on Fridays on my way to work. They’re posted every Thursday.

My favorite however, is Things You Missed In History Class. I am a HUGE nerd when it comes to History. Like Crazy. And European History is my favorite. I even took AP European History in High School. I’ve listened to episodes on the Hessians, Victoria & Albert and other subjects. I HIGHLY recommend it!

What are some of your favorite podcasts?

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