Friday Links & Loves

I’m going to start a new regular post on Fridays of all the links I liked this week.

1. This video that is one of the greatest things I’ve seen in a while. I love the Spice Girls (what 90s girl doesn’t?) and Paris (I studied in France last year). And what I want to know is, how the heck they walk in those shoes, because Lord knows I can’t.

2. Have you seen this video?? Emojis plus Beyonce and Jay-Z. SO great!

3. This article is really old, but I really enjoy it. I love J.Crew, and I think Jenna Lyons is so fabulous.

4. Did you watch the How I Met Your Mother finale? I LOVED it. I sobbed through the entire second half of the show. I watched the show for about 6 years, I watched the first 3 seasons on DVDs. I am so sad that it’s over now!

5. The Mindy Project! OMG!!

6. Veronica Mars. I know, I’m late on this. I actually saw the movie the day it came out. I watched the show on Netflix (why did they take it off??) I cannot wait for the movie to come out on DVD and for the book!


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