Friday Links & Loves

1. As someone who has to say “Moira, M-O-I-R-A” at least once a day. This list made me laugh!

2. I’m an avid traveller. So this blog has kicked my wanderlust back up!

3. I don’t know if you all are Spice Girls fans, I was for sure! But did you know there’s a documentary on them on Hulu? I sure didn’t! I haven’t watched the whole thing yet, since I fell asleep before I could.

4. I’m loving this scalloped skirt! I love anything with a scalloped hem!

5. Have you seen those tassel garlands that have been all over Pinterest for like a year? Well, I’ve always wanted one, and I’m thinking of getting this one! What do you think?

6. So I love Duchess Catherine, I think she is so chic and well put together. And Prince George is just so cute! Love these photos from their tour in New Zealand so far!

Have a fantastic weekend! I’m off to Eugene for my sorority’s Alumni Weekend!

What are you up to?

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