Friday Links & Loves

1. Have you heard of Butter Coffee? I read this article last night on Camille Styles, and I’m curious, but only enough to maybe purchase one in a store. Anyone know of a coffee place in Portland that sells Butter Coffee?

2. This is a HILARIOUS, albeit rude, article about San Francisco. My family lived in the Bay Area until I was 10, and my parents couldn’t handle the commutes and the traffic anymore. My favorite line is “I am convinced that San Francisco was built as a dune buggy course, but became an actual city in the 1970s” San Francisco is THE worst town to drive in. Between the hills and the one way streets, you’re in for a rough ride. 

3. Have you seen Humans of New York’s photos from the Met Gala? They’re so great! And I love the stories from the celebrities. Especially Chrissy Teigen’s.

4. I love Emma Stone. I think she is so funny and gorgeous and I think we’d be BFFs. Case in point. She loves my favorite British “Scripted Reality” show. Made in Chelsea is hilarious for anyone who wants to see basically The Hills with British accents.

5. I’m obsessed with I first heard about it when I was watching Eat, Drink, Love on Bravo over the summer. (seriously, my friend Alexis and I love this show). One of the girls is a writer for the website. And I love it. I scour the Portland page to see what cool restaurants are opening.

I’m heading home tonight to celebrate Mother’s Day with my mom and sister. I’m so excited! Seeing them makes the 5 hour drive so worth it.

Have a fantastic weekend!

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