Friday Links & Loves

1. I went to an Alumni mixer for my high school last night, which was a blast. Unfortunately, I got home pretty late, and I don’t do well on little sleep. But the mixer was so fun! I saw people that I hadn’t seen since I had graduated, or since they had graduated, and people that I had never met before. I went to the school from 6th grade-senior year, and I had 64 kids in my graduating class. Yes, you read that right, 64. So I knew everyone really well. Some of our old teachers came, so that was fantastic to see them.

2. The first look at President Coin in Mockingjay! I must have not been paying attention, because I didn’t know that Julianne Moore was playing her, but I am happy with that choice! We’ll see how she does! Click on the link for a little video of her talking about the character.

3. With graduation season upon us, even though UO’s isn’t for about another month, Levo League posted this article about great graduation speeches from the last decade. I haven’t had time to watch these yet #fulltimejobproblems. But hopefully I’ll get to them this weekend!

4. 33 Reasons why the University of Oregon is the best. I have to agree with most of the items on this list. As a proud alum (GO DUCKS!), I found this hilarious. Especially the one about the morning classes. I had 8:30am Econ 202 during Winter Term of my senior year. Getting there was ALWAYS a struggle.

Have a fantastic weekend! The weather is supposed to be rainy here again (surprise, surprise) but hopefully we’ll get a little sun!

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