Friday Links & Loves

1. I get off work at noon today and I’m SO excited! I’m only going to be running some errands, but I can’t wait to do so while everyone else is still at work! I’m also heading to the coast on Monday! All I want is some clam chowder!

2. This restaurant review is so funny! The little girl is so cute! And the photos of her tasting different foods for the first time are hilarious!

3. I got Allegiant (the third Divergent book) from the library yesterday, and I can’t wait to read it! I still need to see Divergent (the movie). Was it any good?

4. I’ve been wanting to get a monogram necklace for a while, but I’ve got too many initials. #irishkidproblems No, really, I have 2 middle names, so I’ve been looking for a double monogram necklace, so I don’t have to pick one of my initials! I saw this one on instagram a couple of weeks ago, and I can’t wait to order!

5. I binge-watched the 3rd season of Hart of Dixie this last week, and I already cannot wait for it to come back, so good!

Have a fantastic Memorial Day weekend!

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