PDX Guide: Breakfast at Sweedeedee

A couple of months ago, my friend Kimina suggested we try Sweedeedee in North Portland for breakfast.

I had never heard of it, but I’m always up for a new restaurant!

We got there, and the line was pretty long, and the restaurant is pretty small (as all good restaurants in Portland are).

When we were in line, the lady working there told us it would take an hour to get our food, but we decided to stick it out.

Luckily you can grab a little piece of bread or cake or something.

I got a piece of Almond Cake and Kimina had a piece of zucchini bread.

They give you a cup for coffee and then have you sit outside while you wait for your table.

Sweedeedee Brunch

Luckily, they sat us right after we had sat down on the curb outside.

Sweedeedee Almond Cake

Looks great, huh?

Sweedeedee Avocado Toast

Kimina and I both got the avocado toast. It was on brown bread, which was a little heavy for the avocados, but I liked it.

It also came with an egg which was good, and a salad.

I really liked Sweedeedee. If I was to go back, I would get the potato plate, which sounded amazing!

You Need to Know:


5202 N. Albina Ave (One block North of Alberta)

Hours: Monday- Saturday 8:00-4:00, Sunday 8:00-2:00

We went on Sunday around 10:30, I would recommend going a little earlier, but the line was WAY longer as we were leaving.

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