That’s right, I turned 24 THREE weeks ago, and it was a wonderful night!

I ended up celebrating twice. Dinner on Friday and then again on Saturday. That didn’t include my trip home to my parent’s the weekend before.

So Friday, the plan was to meet my (soon to be) roomie and my friend at Departure Lounge, which is a fancy rooftop bar in a fancy hotel in downtown Portland. Well, I walked in, and this was my face:

10603121_10152737760508413_1309989103_n10653902_10152737760543413_740409807_nI was really confused, because about 6 of my friends were all sitting there! Kristen (the roomie) had planned this surprise dinner for me! I had no idea. It was pretty funny, since we had talked about how I had always wanted a surprise party the week before. Little did I know, she was planning it!

Dinner was great, I got to see some people I hadn’t seen in a while.

The next morning, I woke up and went to Barre3 in the park, which will have it’s own post, but look how pretty it was!


That night, I met up with my friends at one of their apartments for a pre-game, since I live in the ‘burbs.

It was SO much fun celebrating! Some friends happened to be in town from Eugene, so they came along!



I swear I was laughing. Apparently I look like I’m going to cry when I laugh.

IMG_0256I was also pretty into this crown.

But a HUGE thank you to my wonderful friends that made my birthday a wonderful one!

Here’s to 24 being the best year yet!

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