My First Apartment

It’s crazy that I’ve been living in Portland for a year.

I’m about to move into my new apartment this weekend. (I’m half way moved in now, but no furniture.)

I wanted to post photos of my first big girl apartment so that I can always remember it.

These photos were taken at different times over the year, so that’s why there are different flowers/ no flowers.

The Living Room:





The Bedroom:





DSC_0105 DSC_0104



I love my first apartment. I love the mix of Ikea and Antique furniture, I think the whole thing is me.

I’m excited to be finally be moving in with someone! Yay room mates!

Beverly Palm Print

I honestly can’t remember where I first saw the Beverly Palm Print, but I do remember it was the wallpaper version on some blog, years ago.

Originally from the Beverly Hills Hotel, the printed wallpaper has inspired many different products with the print over the years.



And I fell in love. HARD.

And I knew I had to have something with the palm print on.

I’ve scoured the internet, high and low for it.

Unfortunately, it tends to be rather expensive.

I’ve found pillows:

Society Social Pillow

From Society Social, $75


The Aestate Palm Print

From The Aestate, $61

And a phone case:

Sonix Beverly Hills CaseFrom Sonix Cases, $35

I’ve bought the phone case, and it is perfect! The light pink and green go well with my yellow iPhone 5c! I’m in love, and I’m so happy I held out for something I really love!