Fridays Fancies #7

I’m linking up with {av} for Friday’s Fancies again.

AND today is my 23rd birthday!!

The theme this week is Back to School,

and while this is the first time I haven’t gone back to school in 20 years,

I pulled together a look I would kill to own.

[seriously though, I want a Barbour jacket like nobody’s business]



Barbour Beadnell Jacket


J.Crew Tippi Sweater


J.Crew Liberty Buttonup


J.Crew Toothpick Jeans


French Sole Flats

Friday’s Fancies #5

I’m FINALLY linking back up with {av} for Friday’s Fancies
This week’s theme is….
And I LOVE sparkle. 
I bought this skirt at H&M last year, with no clue where I was going to wear it, but I bought it anyway.
Any way, this is what I came up with!

I LOVE this dress. It’s Free People. I think that the back is great. 
I was looking for this other dress that I saw in a boutique in my hometown, but this one is so much prettier!

I think that black tights and booties would finish off this look really nicely. I like the gold strip on the booties. 
A cocktail ring would be a good option for jewelry, because It will not compete with the dress. 
This look would be great for New Years or any Holiday Parties, really.
Thanks to {av} for hosting Friday’s Fancies!

Where to Buy: Dress | Tights | Booties | Ring

Friday Fancies #4

I’m linking up with {av} for another round of Friday’s Fancies!
This week’s theme is Euro Trip!
Which is perfect for me, since I JUST got back from studying in France.
check out my blog here.
I am going to be showing some things that I wore, which I thought were fashionable, and not all that out of the ordinary!
Here’s some key pieces that I think every woman should have in Europe (in the fall/winter):
A Pea Coat (old from Delia’s), A cross-body Bag (Liz Clairborne from TJ Maxx) and Black Boots (Target).
I wore this for the about the first 2 months, because it was freezing!
It’s also an outfit that can you can wear to class (or sightseeing) and then to dinner.
These are my top three pieces of outerwear from France.
My long coat that I bought at Zara because it was snowing and 16 degrees Farenheit.
My peacoat again.
And my rain jacket. I’m from Oregon, and I wear it all the time. It’s Marmot brand from REI.
I wore jeans A LOT. 
And my khaki skirt.
I wore brown boots (from Kohls), black boots (from Target) and black flats (from Target and H&M).
Striped Shirt:
I bought this shirt at H&M within the first month I was in France. 
I’m OBSESSED with it. 
Because I wore it all over!
I wore a bunch of scarves. I bought 3 fluffy cozy ones when it was really cold, including the khaki colored one (Gallerie Lafayette) and the pink one in Spain. The black and white striped scarf is from when I went to a Premier League Football Game! It’s Fulham Football Club. The other two are from the States. 
These are just a couple of my favorite things that I wore while I was in France. 
There’s a lot of pictures.

Friday Fancies #3

I’m liking up with {av} for Friday’s Fancies again!
It’s pretty much the only way I blog anymore… sorry about that.
But I love this dress for a summer wedding, because it’s casual enough for summer, and the eyelet will be nice, but it’s also nice enough to wear to a wedding. 
The Shoes. LOVE THEM. 
I love the clutch, I really like clutches for events because you don’t need all of your things. 
And I like a simple bracelet. 

Fridays Fancies #2

I’m back with {av}‘s Friday’s Fancies! 
This week’s theme was stars and stripes. 
So I’m talking about what I did from my fourth of July. 
American Apparel Bow, H&M Shirt (France), Target Shorts (Old)

American Apparel Bow

Stack: Gap Bracelet, Italian Bracelet, Target Watch
My Dad covering Tipper’s ears from the cars and Harleys

Bald Eagle in the parade
My hometown has a parade every year. And it’s always filled with really interesting things…
haha. And a guy got arrested. It’s never a dull day here in Southern Oregon.
Dinner made by my sister, Cheese and Chipotle Burger and Potato Salad. Yum!

My new best friend, Aloe, I got super sunburned even thought I put sunscreen on. 

Friday Fancies #1

I’m joining in on {av}‘s Friday Fancies!
This week’s theme was beachy chic!
I chose items from J.Crew, because personally, I think J.Crew has some beautiful items, and they are chic, and pretty affordable.
I chose this because I really like the print and the cut of the swim suit, I really like one pieces.
I just think the print of this suit is adorable.
I really like that this dress can go from the beach to dinner with a pair of nice sandals!
I’ve read quite a few blog posts about this cooler being an AMAZING beach tote!
I just think this towel is adorable, I love the Kate Spade towels.