Senior Pictures

I don’t know about you, but Senior Pictures in high school were a HUGE deal.
And we got to do whatever we wanted
[I believe I wore a matching American Eagle set of scarf, hat and mittens]
We didn’t do that whole black velvet top thing
[although, I did that in college, for my sorority]
So, when Senior year of college was ending, I called on my sorority sister, Izzy to help me out.
Girl is talented! Check out her Facebook!
So, here are a couple of my favorites!
Had to throw up the “O”
Love this!
And of course, I had to represent the sorority!
Dress is J.Crew (similar)

New Camera!

My parents got me a Nikon D3000 for my birthday! (Which is Tuesday)
I’m turning 21! 
And I’m going to France next year. So I wanted a nice DSLR to take with me!
I wandered around the campus of UO and took pictures to test it out!
Here’s some of my pictures!
this is my living room, and I just like how the chair is in focus, and all the stuff on the table isn’t

the library

duck tracks

hope you like these!