Homesick Mix.

what is this?
two posts in one day?
well, I’m currently listening to some old songs on my iTunes as I [attempt] to study for my finals.
I’m really weird and listen to my iTunes in order of when they were added, new stuff at the top. 
I just found one of the best gifts ever given to me.
A Homesick Mix. 
It was given to me by my friend Aubrie my freshman year of college. 
She included a really sweet note, which I obviously don’t have with me in France.
Aubrie was on the golf team with me for three years in high school (she’s a year younger), so over the years we had lots of songs that we listened to on repeat. 
Too Legit To Quit by MC Hammer was our song during State senior year. 
And we won! 
Here’s the team:
[love these girls]
On the mix, she put some of my favorite songs from our three years together, and I love it! Still almost three years later!

Pretty Slide Presentations

Do you ever wish that your presentations for class were prettier?
I sure did. 
And then I read Carly’s (The College Prepster) blog post on them. 
And I loved the idea.
And since I’m taking a speaking class here in France
I’ve been in need of some sweet backgrounds. 
Here’s the ones I’ve made so far!
 Marie Antoinette
 The Tudor Family
Harry Potter
[I had just gotten back from the studio tour, don’t judge]
Anyway, my final for my expression class is tomorrow, so I will be presenting either Marie Antoinette or the Tudor Family. 
Wish me luck!